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Sep 18 2005 11:36 PM

STILL under construction

okay, dude, reposting 51 pages of comics is SO not cool.
But I've been inconsiderate and posting my comic pages at a pretty big size.
because I use a resolution of 1280x1024..so everything's about half-sized as the default 1024x768. And I realized that most people use default. Bah. So I'm resizing most of my graphics....sorry if the quality is rendered.

I fixed a couple problems, though, and added a bit to some comic pages, but nothing big. Not worth rereading the comic for.

okay. this is something i REALLY need to work on:

it's killing me. It really is. But I'm working on it. Honestly. So pleeeeeeease be patient with me!
I'm even considering redoing a couple pages when I find the time, add a bit of backgrounds here and there.

Here's another note:
my pages may seem a bit empty. I'm workin on using my space wisely, so bear with me.

And I might switch over to a different comic host after all. I mean, smack jeeves is totally awesome. I love the comment system.
However, I feel like this host is more for comic strips than a sequential comic, you know?
So I'll be looking up on that.

Sep 13 2005 10:48 PM

under construction

Hmm..well, I decided I don't want my old template back, so I'll make a new one. I'll play around with the html a bit more.
I would do it right now...
but I have 2 tests tomorrow that I haven't studied a wee bit for.

Man..I'm falling behind in school....it's terrible, lol.

I used to be a good student!

Anyway, that aside, the new layout will be in order probably by the end of the week.

Thanks for all your support, everyone!!!

Also, if you haven't seen the final fantasy vii: advent children movie yet...GO SEE IT! it's up on torrents EVERYWHERE. *drools*

Sep 05 2005 4:26 PM

new WELCOME picture

weee...I just spent 3 hours drawing/coloring this....and my right hand is dead, lol.
You can see a bigger version in my deviant gallery.
Here's a link to the pic, ^_^

Sep 04 2005 1:04 AM

Some new updates

Alright - new page: 00006

Sorry for the lack of backgrounds...I promise I'll work on that. I just HATE doing backgrounds, lol. BLAH. I totally admire all you artists that do backgrounds.

Also, I added the character section. It might take you a bit to load the page because there are alot of pictures. Most of the pictures are up, but some characters still don't have pictures, or even info, as a matter of fact. But oh well. I'll keep adding to this site. I'm quite enjoying myself, ^_^

Thanks everyone for your comments and ratings so far~ very encouraging, ^_^. Thanks again!

Sep 03 2005 7:20 PM

celebrating the opening of AXE13!

Okay...I guess this is temporary, unless I feel I really like this host. I think it's pretty decent. We'll see how far this can keep up. Maybe I won't transfer over to Comic Genesis.

Anyway, only a couple pages up for now....But I have loads drawn...just need to ink them, ^_^

Hope you like~! Thanks, everyone!!!

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